The Johns Hopkins University is hosting a graduate student conference to explore the character and status of political theory, its place in the academy, and its role in public life. Sheldon S. Wolin will provide the conference's keynote address, and Frederick M. Dolan will give the plenary address. Advance registration is $10 for students, $15 for faculty and the general public. On-site registration is $15 and $25 respectively. Advance registration by February 6. Checks should be made out to Vocations of Political Theory and sent to: The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Political Science, Baltimore, MD, 21218-2685. For further information, contact Jason Frank at (410) 539-8908 or John Tambornino at tamb_jt@jhuvms.hcf.jhu.edu. Conference updates will be posted at www.jhu.edu/~polysci/conference.html.
Baltimore, MD; February 27-28, 1998


The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center (IHC) at the University of California is hosting a conference on "Acts of Reconstruction: Museums, Theme Parks, and City Centers." From the minority theme parks of Asia to the Living Museums of the United States, from the folk museums of Europe to the Disneylands found on several continents, the recreation of past environments has become both a global and cross-cultural phenomenon. This conference examines the reasons behind such worldwide efforts to reconstruct historical settings. It assesses not only the authenticity, but the significance of museums, theme parks, and city centers that tantalize visitors with reproductions of the past. Keynote speakers include David Lowenthal (University College, London), Marvin Carlson (CUNY Graduate Center), Richard Sennett (New York University), and Yi-Fu Tuan (University of Wisconsin, Madison). For conference information and registration, call (805) 893-3907, or e-mail lyons@humanitas.ucsb.edu.
Santa Barbara, CA; February 19-21, 1998


This symposium, to be held at Yale Law School, will explore, retrospectively and prospectively, the impact of sexual harassment law as an innovation in the theory and practice of sex equality. It marks the twentieth anniversity of the publication of Catharine A. MacKinnon's Sexual Harassment of Working Women (Yale, 1979). Panelists include: Kingsley Browne, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Richard Delgado, Andrea Dworkin, Bill Eskridge, Louise Fitzgerald, Katherine Franke, Nancy Fraser, Janet Halley, Jane Larson, Martha Nussbaum, Robert Post, George Priest, Deborah Rhode, Ann Scales, Fred Schauer, Reva Siegel, Jean Stefancic, Cass Sunstein, Kendall Thomas, Lea VanderVelde, Robin West. Moderators: Jack Balkin, Nancy Cott, Harlon Dalton, Harold Koh, Burke Marshall, Judith Resnick, Carol Sanger. Information: rebecca.tushnet@yale.edu; pantheon.yale.edu/~tushnet/shc/; Yvonne Squeri, Yale Law School, 127 Wall St., New Haven, CT 06510; phone (203) 432-4829.
New Haven, CT; February 27-March 1, 1998


Tulane University's interdisciplinary conference on "Ethnologie Féminine: Autobiography, Identity and Global Culture" will address strategies for self- representation, ethnography, writing culture, in light of the legacy of orientalist representations of North African and Middle-Eastern women. Plenary talk and photo exhibit by Fatima Mernissi (Sociology, Université Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco). Other plenary lectures by Françoise Lionnet (French, Northwestern University) and Lelia Ahmed (Women's Studies, UMass-Amherst). There will be roundtable discussions on feminist activism in global contexts, feminist ethnography, and new strategies for reading orientalism. Organized by Gaurav Desai, Madeleine Dobie, Adeline Masquelier, Hope Glidden. All sessions free and open to the public. For further information on the program, accommodations, etc., contact: G. Desai, gaurav@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu; tel. (504) 865-5160.
New Orleans, LA; March 12-14, 1998


In this increasingly fragmented and complex world where virtual communities supplant face-to-face communication, where membership implies no commitment, organizing has become a radical act. Join us at the sixteenth annual Socialist Scholars Conference, "A World to Win: From the Manifesto to New Organizing for Socialist Change," for discussion and debate on strategies and tactics for organizing as we commemorate the anniversaries of the events of 1968 and of the Communist Manifesto. Speakers include David Abdulah, Stanley Aronowitz, Elaine Bernard, Bogdan Denitch, John Bellamy Foster, Stephen Jay Gould, Doug Henwood, Richard Lewontin, Manning Marable, Leo Panitch, Frances Fox Piven, Daniel Singer, and Ellen Meiksins Wood. Proposals for panels accepted through March 2, 1998. For more information, visit our Web site at www.soc.qc.edu/ssc, e-mail socialist.conf@usa.net, or write to Socialist Scholars Conference, c/o Sociology Dept., CUNY Grad Center, 33 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036; ph (212) 642-2826.
New York, NY; March 20-22, 1998


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