The Real Guide to Grad School
What You Better Know Before You Choose

Every university touts its own Ph.D. programs, but not all programs are created equal. How do you choose? And how will your choice affect your career? All too often, these questions aren't answered until it's too late: you've already committed your time and money to a particular program at a particular school. The Real Guide steers you through that maze of choices and their implications-before you make your decision.

In a clear and student-friendly style, The Real Guide gives you the low-down on twenty-three humanities and social science disciplines and the departments which offer them. We do the comparison shopping for you-from archaeology to women's studies, from Berkeley to Bangor U. It's as if the best professors in your area of interest, a university library, and a job market hot-line were all present to advise and guide you.

While some guides merely list degrees offered, addresses, and telephone numbers, others are simply 'how to's on getting in and paying your way. The Real Guide covers those areas and much more. We include vital analysis of the disciplines: everything you need to make an informed decision about your graduate study program: what to study, where to go (and why), what to expect once you're in.

Brought to you by the editors of Lingua Franca magazine, who are already in touch with the most influential scholars in every corner of academia, The Real Guide offers an intimate insider's map of the intellectual issues and economic choices that await you.

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