THESE TABLES reflect approximately 5,000 first-time hirings to full-time junior positions effective as of the 1999-2000 academic year in the liberal arts and sciences at six hundred four-year colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. They should be read as follows: The institution in the third column hired for the first time the individual in the second column to a full-time junior position. (It may not be the first junior position the individual has gotten.) The individual received his or her graduate training at the institution in the first column.

Though most of these hirings are to multiyear, tenure-track contracts, many are for one-year positions only.

Obtained from the hiring institution, the individual or the training institution, information about graduate training has not been double-checked in all cases with each training institution. "N/A" means this information was not available at press time. "[2000]" indicates that the professor begins his/ her appointment during the Spring 2000 semester.

Where we have a campus name (e.g., "Illinois, Urbana"), we use it. But someone trained there might just as well be listed under the general university name (e.g., "Illinois, U of").

LINGUA FRANCA goes to great effort to insure that our data is accurate and as complete as possible. However, we know that junior hirings & tenurings is, as we go to press, incomplete and still not free from all errors. Consequently, we cannot be responsible for errors and omissions, and readers are advised not to act on any of this information without verifying it.

HIRING INSTITUTIONS: If your institution is not fully represented, simply send us the name, title, and address of the single person in your administration who, each August, can give us your new tenurings and hirings. We will send that person the appropriate form.

GRADUATE INSTITUTIONS: We will send you an early draft of this list so that you can add any graduate placements we have missed. Tell us the name, title, and address of the single person in your graduate school who, each October, has the most complete list of your placements in the arts and sciences.

CONTACT US: Fax: 212-302-0847, attention: Hirings & Tenurings. Email: chnapko@linguafranca.com. Subject line: Hirings & Tenurings

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