Announcing a new publication that will be read by more than 100,000 academics nationwide...

"Lingua Francahas very quickly become key reading matter to the academic bookseller, opening windows to the professorial mind and providing insights into the current state of scholarship. Packed with reviews, essays, profiles, think pieces, and cutting edge scholarly debate, the magazine is brash, lively, and stimulating. [Lingua Francais] far more fun than the copy in most university press catalogs. If you're not reading it already, you probably should be."—The College Store

Trying to Reach Academics?

Lingua Francacan reach your buyers like no one else

Lingua Francafollows the working world of scholars and academics in a way that no one else does: with good city-hall reporting, a jargon-free, clear voice and without typical academic pretensions. The magazine is a three time nominee for the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, which it won in 1993. Described as "an insider's guide to the groves of academe" (New York Times), "independent-minded, idiosyncratic and brainy" (Washington Post), and "a smart, lively mix" (Boston Globe), Lingua Franca is theconnection to the Ivory Tower.

As of 1999, April and November issues of Lingua Francawill be devoted to that season's best books. Lingua Franca Books Issues (formerly The Lingua Franca Book Review) are published specifically for academics: the population that reads, buys and writes books. These issues feature reviews of the best new scholarly books each spring and fall, a column devoted to the academic author, and "Breakthrough Books," where leading scholars recommend their favorite recent titles on particular subjects. Books Issues provide information that academics can use and that can't be found anywhere else.

Lingua Franca's Spring and Fall Books Issues give advertisers one of the largest academic audiences for the least amount of money.

Lingua Franca Books Issues are distributed by over seventy-five campus bookstores to their faculty. This means that over 100,000 academics see them, making the Books Issue one of the largest publication's with a faculty readership.

To Bookstores:

More than seventy bookstores have distributed The Lingua Franca Book Review to their faculty. Here's why:

•In today's consumer world of superstores and, bookstores must promote their selections and services more aggressively than ever.

•Academics are one of the most important customer bases that a bookstore can have: the readership of Lingua Franca alone buys 2.9 million books a year. That means that our average reader buys a book every other day. Whether your store is institutional, contracted, or independent, serving a faculty of 50 or 5000, all academics purchase books.

•How effective are other publications or newsletters that inform your faculty of new titles? Other publications for faculty promotions either review books that are too general for faculty interest, or are simply catalogs the book publishers wrote themselves. The Lingua Franca Book Reviewprovides independently written reviews by scholars for scholars.

We know that, next to a personal recommendation, well written reviews sell books best. Since The Lingua Franca Book Review features books for an academic audience, it promotes the books you're already ordering for your bookstore's trade department. Plus, if you customize The Lingua Franca Book Review with your store's logo, you can advertise events and course-buying procedures to this crucial campus community on the back cover of each issue

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Option 1: Minimum Order: 1,000
Customized Issues at $500 per 1,000 include:
1) Your store logo imprinted on the front cover.
2) Your store's own back page ad.
3) Shipping to your store.

    Remember that you have the option of co-oping the back page ad with a publisher to help absorb costs.

Option 2: No Minimum Order
Single copies are 50¢ per piece or $350 per 1,000. This price includes:
1) Blank space on the cover for you to affix your store logo by stamp or label.
2) Ingram will ship issues to your store F.O.B. Ingram Warehouse. (Roseberg, OR or La Vergne, TN)


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Dates and Deadlines for Bookstores

Spring 99 Schedule
Option 1 Option 2
Order due Feb 12 Feb 12*
Ad due Feb 19 N/A
Shipping date Mar 15 Mar 22

Fall 99 Schedule
Option 1 Option 2
Order due Sep 17 Oct 17*
Ad due Sep 24 N/A
Shipping date Oct 18 Oct 25

*Orders for Option 2 can come after this date, but the shipping date listed will not apply.

How many issues should you order?
Be sure to include extra copies for store displays and for graduate students in addition to the number you order to distribute to faculty.

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Order Form

Yes, I would like copies of the upcoming Spring Book Review.
I would like standard copies at 50¢ per copy for $.
I would like standard copies at $350 per 1,000 copies for $.
I would like customized copies at $500 per 1,000 copies for $.

Yes, I would like copies of the upcoming Fall Book Review.
I would like standard copies at 50¢ per copy for $.
I would like standard copies at $350 per 1,000 copies for $.
I would like customized copies at $500 per 1,000 copies for $.

Payment for Option 1 customized copies due before the printing of the issue.

Purchase Order#:
Bookstore Name:
Affiliated Institution(s):
Shipping Address:
City, State, Zip:
Billing Address:
City, State, Zip:
I prefer to be notified of titles reviewed by fax.


If you are not comfortable about sending your information over the Net, please print out this form and fax it to: 212-302-0847(USA).

QUESTIONS? Call (212)302-0336, ext. 223 or e-mail:

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