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A CONSUMING FIRE: The Fall Of The Confederacy In The Mind Of The White Christian South
by Eugene D. Genovese
A leading historian examines the white Southern Christian response to slavery, military defeat, and emancipation. Genovese is at his best when he exposes the hypocrisy of liberals and radicals and when he analyzes the work of southern theologians against a historical background of Christian doctrine.' --David Brion Davis, The New York Review of Books. 176 pp. 0-8203-2046-3 University of Georgia Press, $24.95 HC

FROM SELMA TO SORROW: The Life And Death Of Viola Liuzzo
by Mary Stanton
The first-full length biography to examine the controversial life, murder, and subsequent character assassination of a white woman who became a civil rights martyr. "This is a terrific story, well told and well written, a true and personal account of commitment and courage, about rage and murder, about Americans at their best and worst. If you want to know what fueled the best of the 1960s read this book." --C. Peter Ripley, coeditor of Witness for Freedom. 288 pp. 0-8203-2045-5 University of Georgia Press, $24.95 HC

by Lydia Maria Child
"An abolitionists portrait of New York on the cusp of its transformation into a modern city, including essays on the Amistad captives and women's suffrage. Letters from New-York is a valuable contribution to American literary history." --Joel Myerson, coeditor of The Selected Letters of Louisa Alcott. 304 pp. 0-8203-2077-3 University of Georgia Press, $19.95 PB

BLUE-EYED CHILD OF FORTUNE: The Civil War Letters Of Robert Gould Shaw
edited by Russell Duncan, foreward by William S. McFeeley
Only two months after his marriage, twenty-six-year-old Robert Gould Shaw, the commander of the Union Army's vanguard black regiment, gave his life to the cause of freedom. "Splendid...Important...Superb...Deserves a place on every Civil War Bookshelf." --The New York Times Book Review. 480 pp. 0-8203-2174-5 University of Georgia Press, $17.95 PB

by Catherine Clinton
A fresh look at lives forever transformed by the impact of war. Actual accounts of the wars impact on the lives of women and children, black and white, on both sides of the conflict. "Startling narrative essays on the everyday and extraordinary women, men and children caught up in the turmoil....Enlightening." --Library Journal. 144 pp. 0-8203-2074-9 University of Georgia Press, $14.95 PB

RACE AND DEMOCRACY: The Civil Rights Struggle In Louisiana, 1915-1972
by Adam Fairclough
"Not only the best history of the civil rights struggle in Louisiana, it may be the best treatment of the civil rights movement, period." --New Orleans Times-Picayune. "Should be compulsory reading for those interested in the affirmative action debate." --The Times Higher Education Supplement. 664 pp. 0-8203-2118-4 University of Georgia Press, $24.95 PB

by Willie Lee
Rose introduction by C. Vann Woodward. The award-winning chronicle of South Carolinas Sea Islands during the Civil War era. Just seven months into the Civil War, a Union fleet sailed into South Carolinas Port Royal Sound, landed a ground force, and then made its way upriver to Beaufort. Planters and farmers fled leaving virtually all their major possessions, including ten thousand slaves. "A disturbing, beautifully told story." --Eric L. McKitrick, The New York Review of Books. 464 pp. 0-8203-2061-7 University of Georgia Press, $16.95 PB

LIBERATING SOJOURN: Frederick Douglass And Translantic Reform
by Alan J. Rice and Martin Crawford
Anyone interested in abolitionism or Frederick Douglass will find Liberating Sojourn revealing and thought-provoking." --Paul A. Cimbala, author of Under the Guardianship of the Nation. 232 pp. 0-8203-2129-X University of Georgia Press, $20.00 PB

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