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DEATH IN A PROMISED LAND: The Tulsa Race Riots of 1921
by Scott Ellsworth. Foreword by John Hope Franklin
"A useful reminder of Americas tradition of race discrimination at a time when the nation clearly would rather ignore such unpleasant matters." --Washington Post. 159 pp. 0-8071-1767-6 Louisiana State University Press, $12.95 PB

by Benjamin F. Martin
This close examination of the aftershocks felt by the French and their world at wars end is a story masterfully told and thoroughly gripping. "A solid political and economic history of the post-WWI period in France, gracefully written by an accomplished scholar." --Kirkus Reviews 0-8071-2509-1 Louisiana State University Press, $22.50 PB

edited by Douglas Brinkley and Richard T. Griffiths, preface by Theodore C. Sorensen
These essays address U.S. policy toward Europe from 1961 to 1963, during the height of the cold war. Among the topics covered by an array of distinguished scholars and former policymakers are Kennedy's relationships with European leaders, his administrations Italian and Portuguese policies, the Limited Test-Ban Treaty of 1963, and the balance of payment crisis in Europe. 304 pp. 0-8071-2332-3 Louisiana State University Press, $60.00 HC

LAWYERING FOR THE RAILROAD: Business, Law, and Power in the New South
by William G. Thomas
"A milestone in the history of the American legal profession, Lawyering for the Railroad places lawyers at the center of the integration of the New South into the national economy." --Daniel R. Ernst, Professor of Law, Georgetown University. 344 pp. 0-8071-2504-0 Louisiana State University Press, $24.95 PB

THE POLITICS OF RAGE: George Wallace, The Origins of the New Conservatism, and the Transformation of American Politics
by Dan T. Carter
"Carters life of Wallace is, by long odds, the finest of those written about the Alabamian-who-would-be-president; indeed, it is one of the finest political biographies of this or any other year...A superb social and political history of Alabama and the Deep South in the 1950s and 1960s." --Los Angeles Times Book Review. 592 pp. 0-8071-2113-4 Louisiana State University Press, $17.95 PB

THE RISE OF MASSIVE RESISTANCE: Race and Politics in the South During the 1950s
by Numan V. Bartley
With a New Preface by the Author. The first scholarly work to deal decisively with the politics of southern resistance to public school integration. Today, it remains one of the most important books on the subject. "As nearly a definitive study of the politics of massive resistance as we are likely to get." --Journal of American History. 416 pp. 0-8071-2419-2 Louisiana State University Press, $17.95 PB

TRANSMISSION IMPOSSIBLE: American Journalism as Cultural Diplomacy in Postwar Germany, 1945-1955
by Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht
"An excellent contribution to scholarship on postwar Germany, combining original research, thoughtful analysis, and good writing. Gienow-Hecht's explanation of the differences in perception between Germans and Americans about culture, American style, and Kultur, German style, is masterful." --James F. Trent, author of Mission on the Rhine: Reeducation and DeNazification in American Occupied Germany. 296 pp. 0-8071-2409-5 Louisiana State University Press, $22.50 PB

by Alexander P. Lamis
A timely analysis of the Republican rise in the 1990s South.The book will prove essential to anyone interested in southern politics at the dawn of the twenty-first century. 552 pp. 0-8071-2374-9 Louisiana State University Press, $39.95 HC

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