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THE DYING PRESIDENT: Franklin D. Roosevelt 1944-1945
by Robert H. Ferrell
In his final year, a year in which he faced crucial responsibility regarding World War II and American foreign policy, Franklin D. Roosevelt failed to serve the nation as a healthy president would have. "No future biography of FDR or any work that deals with his wartime actions and policies could now be written without reference to this comprehensive study." --Amos Perlmutter. 200 pp 0-8262-1171-2 University Of Missouri Press, $24.95 HC

by William Holtz
"Holtz's book makes clear for the first time that [Lane] achieved something important and lasting in her writing with the Little House books. His argument about the collaboration between the two women is entirely convincing, and the next time I see the little House series on the shelf at the bookstore, Ill imagine Rose Wilder Lanes name next to her mothers on their covers." --Los Angeles Times Book Review. 448 pp. 0-8262-1015-5 University Of Missouri Press, $18.95 PB

HOW YOU PLAYED THE GAME: The Life Of Grantland Rice
by William A. Harper
How You Played The Game takes us back to those magical days of sporting tales and mythic heroes. More than just a biography of Grantland Rice, How You Played The Game is about the rise of American sports and the early days of those who created the art and craft of sportwriting. Exploring the life of a man who perfectly blended journalism and sporting culture, this book is sure to appeal to all, sports lover or not. 624 pp. 0-8262-1204-2 University Of Missouri Press, $29.95 HC

by Eric Sevareid
"It remains an important book with a new kind of timeliness
Not So Wild a Dream can stand on its own as an intelligent, eloquent accounting of a generation that had to survive the Depression and World War II in order to reach maturity--and then took a long, deep breath because the worst simply had to be behind." --Time. 544 pp. 0-8262-1014-7 University Of Missouri Press, $24.95 PB

by Eugene Davidson
The Nuremberg Fallacy examines the inherent shortcomings of the Nuremberg rules of war and the War Crimes Tribunals impossible expectations. In light of recent crises, including those in Rwanda, Bosnia and Serbia, and the Middle East, it is clear that the issues explored in The Nuremberg Fallacy are as relevant today as they were at the time of the books first publication a quarter century ago. 352 pp. 0-8262-1201-8 University Of Missouri Press, $19.95 PB

by Lawrence H. Larsen and Nancy J. Hulston
In this well balanced biography, the authors examine Pendergast's rise to power, his successes as a political leader, his compassion for the destitute, and his reputation for keeping his word. They also examine Pendergast's character development and how his methods became more ruthless. An insightful and comprehensive biography, Pendergast! will surely serve for years to come as the most thorough investigation of the life and infamous career of Tom Pendergast. 264 pp. 0-8262-1145-3 University Of Missouri Press, $29.95 HC

PRAYING FOR BASE HITS: An American Boyhood
by Bruce Clayton
An engaging story of innocent pranks and aspirations of childhood and the wistful adult reminiscences of a simpler bygone time. " A charming, evocative, nostalgic paean to a midcentury way of life that has largely vanished, and Bruce Clayton captures its innocence and its essence so well that even those who got here too late for the fifties can share in the vicarious pleasures of that deceptively simple time." John Egerton. 280 pp. 0-8262-1189-5 University Of Missouri Press, $16.95 PB

TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER: Surviving Nazi Germany
by Walter Meyer
"Walter Meyer is a remarkable, courageous man who survived the horror of Nazi Germany and made America his home. His considerable charm and talent shine through in this wonderful volume." --Ann Richards, former Texas Governor. 224 pp. 0-8262-1217-4 University Of Missouri Press, $19.95 PB

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