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KOSOVO: A Short History
by Noel Malcolm
Exemplifying the best of narrative, analytical history, Malcolm clarifies the troubled past and present of this crucial region in a readable and neatly compressed style. A book every policy expert, journalist and lay person must read." --Wall Street Journal. 544 pp.0-8147-5598-4 New York University Press, $28.95 HC

HEAVENLY SERBIA: From Myth To Genocide
by Branimir Anzulovic
As violence and turmoil continue to define the former Yugoslavia, basic questions remain unanswered: What are the forces behind the Serbian expansionist? How do the Serbs rationalize, and rally support for, this genocidal activity? Anzulovic traces Serbia's nationalist and expansionist impulses to the legendary battle of Kosovo in 1389 and explains the myth of "Heavenly Serbia" the myth that has resulted in an aggressive nationalistic ideology which has led to the current violence in the region. 256 pp. 0-8147-0671-1 New York University Press, $24.95 HC

edited by Jan E. Dizard
Giving voice to gun lovers and gun haters alike, this unique anthology explores Americas contentious relationship with the right to bear arms. It documents and analyzes the history of firearms in America, exploring various aspects of gun manufacture, ownership and use--and more importantly, the cultural and political implications which this history reveals. 400 pp. 0-8147-1879-5 New York University Press, $24.95 PB

CELLULOID SOLDIERS: Warner Bros.'s Campaign Against Nazism
by Michael E. Birdwell
Polish-Jewish immigrants Harry and Jack Warner risked both reputation and fortune to inform the American public of the insidious threat Hitler's regime posed throughout the world. A compelling historical look at Warner Bros's efforts as the only major studio to promote anti-Nazi activity before the outbreak of WWII. 272 pp. 0-8147-1338-6 New York University Press, $35.00 HC

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