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THE RISE AND FALL OF THE AMERICAN WHIG PARTY: Jacksonian Politics And The Onset Of The Civil War
by Michael F. Holt
"Michael Holts long-awaited magnum opus combines massive archival research and sophisticated analysis of election returns with judicious interpretations. Defying current academic fashions, this book displays not only the authors perseverance but his intellectual courage." --Daniel Walker Howe, Rhodes Professor of American History, Oxford University 0-19-505544-6 Oxford University Press, $55.00 HC

by Rodger G. Kennedy
A stunning reconsideration of three giants of American history. "Kennedy is a masterful prose stylist, a masterful judge of men and women. He is also a masterful controversialist...Kennedy calls them as he sees them, with unswerving integrity, unfailing verve and panache, and solid evidence and sound inference." --Michael Zuckerman 480 pp. 0-19-513055-3 Oxford University Press, $30.00 HC

FREEDOM FROM FEAR: The American People In Depression And War, 1929-1945"
by David M. Kennedy
"A masterful work of history...Kennedy's sprightly and lucid prose adds force to his careful judgments, all of them informed, some of them controversial." --John Morton Blum. "The best one-volume account of the Roosevelt era currently available." --The New York Times Book Review. 480 pp. 0-19-503834-7 Oxford University Press, $39.95 HC

GOTHAM: A History Of New York City To 1898
by Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace
Winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for History. Gotham has been hailed as "a spectacle, a cavalcade, a parade in which people move on and off the stage with astonishing rapidity" --Paul Goldberger, The New Yorker "A masterwork...not just for lovers of New York, but for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of American history" --Baltimore Sun. 1416 pp. 0-19-511634-8 Oxford University Press, $49.95 HC

A HOUSE IN GROSS DISORDER: Sex, Law, And The 2nd Earl Of Castlehaven
by Cynthia Herrup
Sex, privilege, corruption, and revenge these are elements that we expect to find splashed across todays tabloid headlines. This first full-length study of the notorious case of the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven explores the sexual and social anxieties at the heart of Stuart England. 224 pp. 0-19-512518-5 Oxford University Press, $25.00 HC

A PEOPLE APART: The Jews In Europe, 1789-1939
by David Vital
A controversial look at 150 years of Jewish history in Europe, leading up to the Holocaust. A People Apart is the first study to examine the role played by the Jews themselves, across the whole of Europe, during the century and a half leading up to these events. 976 pp. 0-19-821980-6 Oxford University Press, $45.00 HC

ROCKNE OF NOTRE DAME: The Making Of A Football Legend
by Ray Robinson
A major new biography of one of the true giants of American football--the incomparable Knute Rockne. A renowned motivator whose "win one for the Gipper" is the most famous locker-room speech ever, Rockne was also footballs most brilliant innovator, pioneer of the forward pass, a master of the psychological ploy, and an early advocate of conditioning. 320 pp. 0-19-510549-4 Oxford University Press, $45.50 HC

RUNAWAY SLAVES: Rebels On The Plantation
by John H. Franklin and Loren Schwening
"This splendid book, full of human-interest accounts of escaped slaves, does more than demonstrate the prevalence of slave resistance by running away. By reflecting a bright, harsh light on the institution of bondage, Runaway Slaves expands our knowledge and understanding of slavery in the United States." --James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom. 0-19-508449-7 Oxford University Press, $35.00 HC

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