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MAKING THE BODY BEAUTIFUL: A Cultural History Of Aesthetic Surgery
by Sander L. Gilman
"Around the globe, aesthetic surgery has become a cultural and medical fixture. This is a profound, provocative, and engaging study of how humans have sought to change their lives by transforming their bodies. "A fascinating and provocative book"-- Library Journal (starred review). 0-691-02672-6   Princeton University Press, $29.95 HC

by Robert N. Proctor
"Good historical work surprises us by recovering forgotten facets of the past. Robert N. Proctor finds just the right tone­mostly straightforward, rarely condescending, occasionally whimsical­for telling these facinating, unsettling stories."-- Michael Sherry, New York Times Book Review. 0-691-00196-0   Princeton University Press, $29.95 HC

FINANCING THE AMERICAN DREAM: A Cultural History Of Consumer Credit
by Lendol Calder
The first book length social and cultural history of the rise of consumer credit in America. Lendol Calder draws on a wide variety of sources to show that debt has always been with us and he vigorously challenges the idea that consumer credit has eroded traditional values. 0-691-05827-X Princeton University Press, $29.95 HC

by Fritz Stern
Illuminates the issues that made Germany's and Europe's past and present so important in a tumultuous century of creativity and violence. "A rich collection of essays--some scholarly, others more personal--written during the past decade. Without ever pointing an accusatory finger, Sterns approach helps readers to grasp how the extraordinary potential for what could have been Germany's century ended so disastrously." --Publishers Weekly 0-691-05939-X Princeton University Press, $24.95 HC

GODS LONG SUMMER: Stories Of Faith And Civil Rights
by Charles Marsh
In Gods Long Summer we are brought back to this place and time, when the lives and beliefs of activists on all sides of the civil rights issue converged. "With vivid description and chilling analysis, Marsh evokes the violence and oppression in the South of the civil rights era...many will find the results haunting..." --Randy Frame, Christianity Today. 0-691-02940-7 Princeton University Press, $15.95 PB

THINKING WITH HISTORY: Explorations In The Passage To Modernism
by Carl E. Schorske
Schorske shows that the nineteenth century's attachment to thinking with history and the modernist way of thinking without history are more than just antitheses. " Schorske knows a great deal about Vienna, and the essays...are original and penetrating..." --Gordon Craig, New York Review of Books. 0-691-02946-6 Princeton University Press, $14.95 PB

THE BRINK OF PEACE: The Israeli-Syrian Negotiations
by Itamar Rabinovich
"Written with gusto and clarity, [Rabinovich's] book combines scholarly depth with the unique perspective of a direct, key participant in the negotiations...An important contribution to the scholarship on the vital issues of peace in the Middle East" --Warren Christopher, former U.S. Secretary of State." 0-691-01023-4 Princeton University Press, $15.95 PB

MANY ARE THE CRIMES: McCarthyism In America
by Ellen Schrecker
"If the national memory is ever to reach closure on this tragic episode, Schrecker's analysis is a significant and compelling contribution." --William J. Preston, Jr., Los Angeles Times " 0-691-04870-3 Princeton University Press, $17.95 PB

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