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ALLEN DULLES: Master Of Spies
by James Srodes
A fascinating portrait of the man who defined the mission of the CIA. Less understood than his famous brother, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles was a complex man whose extramarital escapades and often bizarre sense of humor disguised his keen intellect. The monumental events of his career include his plot to kill Hitler, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and the unmasking of Alger Hiss. 576 pp. 0-89526-314-9 Regnery, $34.95 HC

COOLIDGE: An American Enigma
by Robert Sobel
In the first full scale biography of Calvin Coolidge in a generation, Robert Sobel shatters the caricature of our 30th president as a silent, do-nothing leader. A breath of fresh air after the scandal-ridden years of Warren G. Harding, Coolidge led the country into a period of unprecedented economic growth. "... a balanced portrait of a surprisingly complicated and interesting man." --Booklist. 0-89526-410-2 Regnery, $34.95 HC

by Alexander Hamilton
A magnificent cloth-cover edition of this essential volume. Between October 1778 and 1788, three of the founding fathers anonymously contributed the Federalist papers to journals, hoping to persuade the people of New York to ratify the newly drafted Constitution. These 85 essays reveal the brilliance of their visions and the relevance of the Federalists philosophy today. 0-89526-303-3 Regnery, $35 HC

ALL CLOUDLESS GLORY: The Life Of George Washington; From Youth To Yorktown
by Harrison Clark
As much autobiography as it is biography, this monumental volume is the only one based solely on original sources. Closely based on Washington's letters, diaries, and papers, Clark traces Washington's early days as a pioneer and frontiersman along the wilderness of the eastern seaboard. 591 pp. 0-89526-466-8 Regnery, $39.95 HC

ALL CLOUDLESS GLORY: Volume II--The Life Of George Washington; Making A Nation
by Harrison Clark
Quoting freely from the great mass of Washington material, Clark takes Washington from the end of his career as a great general, through his final days at Mount Vernon, to the often tumultuous years of his presidency. Washington's keen intellect and astounding sense of humor round out our understanding of Americas great statesman. 483 pp. 0-89526-445-5 Regnery, $39.95 HC

THE BEST OF BURKE: Selected Writings And Speeches Of Edmund Burke
edited by Peter J. Stanlis
Edmund Burke (1729-1797), British statesman and political philosopher, was the founder of modern conservatism. This essential collection captures the brilliance of his thoughts on a wide range of subjects--from property rights to the French Revolution Stanlis puts the writings in their proper historical context. 0-89526-398-X Regnery, $35 HC

by Adam Smith; with the classic introduction by Ludwig von Mises
Published in 1776, this classic work laid the foundation for free-market capitalism worldwide as the modern world emerged from the remnants of a medieval economy. well-reasoned broadside against mercantilism and state-run monopolies, this is vital reading for anyone promoting or opposing free-market economies. Smith was a temperate, intellectual proponent, and he uses real-life details of 18th Century England and its workers to illustrate his points. Brilliant and timeless. 1,117 pp. 0-89526-335-1 Regnery, $35 HC

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