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TUPPERWARE: The Promise Of Plastic In 1950s America
by Alison Clarke
From Wonder Bowls to Ice-Tup molds to Party Susans, Tupperware has become an icon of suburban living. Not only is this a fascinating story of a quintessential artifact of postwar material culture, but Alison Clarke skillfully uses it to complicate our understanding of the lives of the multitudes of women who bought and sold Tupperware." --Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University. 256 pp. 1-56098-827-4 Smithsonian Institution Press, $24.95 HC

DOMESTICATING HISTORY: The Political Origins Of Americas House Museums
by Patricia West
Examining Mount Vernon, Orchard House, Monticello, and Booker T. Washington's birthplace, West shows how four historic houses reflect less the lives and times of their famous inhabitants than the political pressures of the eras during which they were transformed into museums. 241 pp. 1-56098-836-3 Smithsonian Institution Press, $17.95 PB

EYE IN THE SKY: The Story Of The CORONA Spy Satellites
edited by Dwayne A. Day
"This highly informative book describes the origin, technology, and subsequent far-reaching effects on foreign policy which arose as a result of [CORONA] satellites." --Spaceflight. 306 pp. 1-56098-773-1 Smithsonian Institution Press, $17.95 PB

AIMING FOR THE STARS: The Dreamers And Doers Of The Space Age
by Tom D. Crouch
"Aiming for the Stars is much more than an informative guide to the past, present, and future of the space program. It is also an inspiring personal account of the men and women who sacrificed so much for all of us along the pathways to space. If you have only one book on your shelf about space history, make it this one. Even the most avid spaceflight junkie will find something new on every page." --Homer H. Hickman Jr., author of October Sky. 352 pp. 1-56098-386-8 Smithsonian Institution Press, $29.95 HC

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