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BOOKLEGGERS AND SMUTHOUNDS: The Trade In Erotica, 1920-1940
by Jay A. Gertzman
Between the two world wars, at a time when both sexual repression and sexual curiosity were commonplace, New York was the center of the erotic literature trade in America. "A major work of scholarship on the book trade that should be of considerable interest." --AB Bookmans Weekly. 432 pp. 0-8122-3493-6 University of Pennsylvania Press, $35.00 HC

IN CALMER TIMES: The Supreme Court Red Monday
by Arthur J. Sabin
"Arthur Sabin's clear and accurate rendering of the zigs and zags of Supreme Court decisions--well-researched, richly supplemented by newspaper and magazine comment and private papers--will be recognized as fresh and significant." --Lawrence M. Friedman, Stanford University. 288 pp. 0-8122-3507-X University of Pennsylvania Press, $35.00 HC

ENNOBLING LOVE: In Search Of A Lost Sensibility
by Stephen Jaeger
Public avowals of love between men were common from antiquity until the late 11th century. What do these expressions leave to interpretation? An extraordinary amount, as Stephen Jaeger demonstrates. "Both a readers pleasure and a scholars treasure." --ForeWord Magazine. 304 pp. 0-8122-1691-1 University of Pennsylvania Press, $19.95 PB

LAVOISIER: Chemist, Biologist, Economist
by Jean-Pierre Poirier
Lavoisier provides a rich and detailed history of all facets of Lavoisier's extraordinary career. "... [A]n impressive and fresh narrative account of the many-sided career of Lavoisier." --Frederic Holmes, Yale University. "A major new biography ... Strongly recommended." --Choice 544 pp. 0-8122-1649-0 University of Pennsylvania Press, $19.95 PB

RUM PUNCH AND REVOLUTION: Taverngoing And Public Life In Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
by Peter Thompson
In Rum Punch and Revolution, Thompson shows how the public houses provided a setting in which Philadelphians from all walks of life revealed their characters and ideas as nowhere else. Taverngoing, Thompson writes, fostered a sense of citizenship that influenced political debate in colonial Philadelphia and became an issue in the city's revolution. "Not only well-researched and often hilarious, it brings Philadelphia's grand drinking days back to life." --City Paper. 296 pp. 0-8122-1664-4 University of Pennsylvania Press, $18.50 PB

THE HUNDRED YEARS WAR: Volume I, Trial By Battle
by Jonathan Sumption
"A rich book, filled with detail and incident, yet never losing a sense of the overall sweep of events" --Times Literary Supplement. "In balance and seamless presentation, the origins and first decade of the Hundred Years War unfold before the reader." --American Historical Review. 670 pp. 0-8122-1655-5 University of Pennsylvania Press, $27.50 PB

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN EXISTENCE: The Scandalous Life Of Alexander Lesassier
by Lisa Rosner
This deeply absorbing book offers rare insights into Georgian, Regency, and early Victorian Britian through the fortunes and misfortunes, hopes and whims, of the "most beautiful man in existence. " "Remarkable ... Reading this book is a bit like stumbling across a new Pepys, or discovering the journals of James Boswell." --Roy Porter, author of London: A Social History. "A reassuring reminder that no single era has a corner on sexual license." --The Boston Globe. 304 pp. 0-8122-3486-3 University of Pennsylvania Press, $29.95 HC

by Thomas A. DuBois
In this fascinating new work, Thomas DuBois unravels for the first time the history of the Nordic religions in the Viking Age and shows how these ancient beliefs and their oral traditions incorporated both a myriad of local beliefs and aspects of foreign religions, most notably, Christianity. 256 pp. 0-8122-1714-4 University of Pennsylvania Press, $19.95 PB

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