To Bookstores:

More than sixty bookstores
have already ordered their copies of the launch issue of The Lingua Franca Book Review to distribute to their faculty to promote this season's best in scholarly publishing.

Here's why:

Academics are one of the most important customer bases a bookstore can have. The readership of Lingua Franca, alone, buys 2.9 million books a year. Whether your store is institutional, contracted, or independent, serving a faculty of 50 or 5000, the faculty purchase books.

Where will your campus faculty go to buy their books in 1998? Bookstores must promote their selections and services more aggressively than ever in today's consumer world of superstores and

Perhaps you currently use other publications or newsletters to inform your faculty of new titles. How effective are they? If you were a faculty member, what would get you more interested in a book -- a catalog of "jacket copy" provided by publishers or a review written by a leading scholar or critic? The Lingua Franca Book Review selects and reviews books specifically for academics, and it bears your store name.

We still believe that next to a personal recommendation, reviews sell books best.

Twice a yearin the spring and fall simply distribute The Lingua Franca Book Review to your faculty by campus mail or by hand. All reviewed titles are available through Ingram Book Company so that you can order these books without hassle and have them in your store prior to the distribution of the book review.

Additionally, the advertisements will not compete for store's sales. The publishers ads inside list no 800 numbers or other bookstores.

The Lingua Franca Book Review will promote your store, enhance your scholarly selection, strengthen your relationship with your faculty, and sell more trade books.

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