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Our Tenth Anniversary Issue offers a timeline of recent academic history and a readers' survey of the best books of the last decade. On the web, we're also offering classics of the Lingua Franca canon.

We've put together special archives of articles dealing with some of the particular issues that shaped nineties academic life most dramatically: Click here to read the best of Lingua Franca on labor and tenure, post Cold-War politics, gender and sexuality, theory and its discontents, and academic computing. We've also assembled a collection of ten of our all-time favorite articles. Those articles are listed below.

A Most Dangerous Method: The disturbing case against Jane Gallop, feminist provocateur
by Margaret Talbot (January/February 1994)

Cranes and Skyhooks: A review of Daniel C. Dennett's Darwin's Dangerous Idea.
by Richard Rorty (August 1995)

Invisible, Inc.: For decades, Thomas Pynchon has completely hidden himself from the world. Or has he?
by Scott McLemee (September/October 1995)

Who Owns the Sixties?: Those who lived through the Sixties may be doomed to misinterpret it. Just ask the next generation.
by Rick Perlstein (May 1996)

Fozzie Logic: Meet the philosopher who was the model for Kermit the Frog.
by R.J. Lambrose (December 1995)

The American Earthquake: Mike Davis famously decried the mean streets and urban escapism of Los Angeles in City of Quartz. Now he warns us of nature's fury.
by Adam Shatz (September 1997)

Shell Game: Clawing away at Eliot.
by Rick Perlstein (September 1997)

Doom Soon: A simple proof that the world is about to end.
by Jim Holt (October 1997)

Testaments Betrayed: The untold story of how Yugoslavia's most admired intellectuals contributed to their country's demise.
by Laura Secor (September 1999)

Is Bad Writing Necessary?: Adorno and Orwell's competing legacies.
by James Miller (December 1999/January 2000)


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