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1990 - 1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000

Lingua Franca invites you to reminisce about the themes and trends, the most heated controversies, and the most surprising scandals of the academy's past decade. Assembled below, by year, is an informal round-up of many stories you'll surely remember, as well as some you may wish you could forget.


Lingua Franca Presents
an unofficial guide to academia in the 1990s


President Richard Berendzen of American University resigns after making obscene phone calls

As Congress debates obscene art, Purdue removes nude drawing of university president from campus wall

Simon & Schuster gives Harold Bloom six-figure advance for The American Religion

Cliffs Notes publishes hardcover anthologies; notes to Malcolm X's autobiography included

Debut of pioneering e-zine Postmodern Culture


Washington University eliminates sociology department

Parody journal Misrepresentations created by Berkeley grad students

Clayborne Carson reveals that Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized parts of his dissertation

Publishers sue Kinko's for copyright infringement in copying of course packs

American Association of University Presses announces steep decline in monograph sales; history sales especially poor

Hopi Indians object to professor's publication of secret ritual

President Chase N. Peterson of University of Utah announces retirement in aftermath of cold-fusion scandal

Roger Kimball, Tenured Radicals

Zone Books, Fragments for a History of the Human Body


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