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When Colby sociology professor Adam Weisberger asks his students to engage in "critical self-reflection," he thinks he's found a way of making Hegel, Marx, and Weber relevant to the real lives of students. But Weisberger's unusual teaching methods - his students' papers often read like intimate diaries - have cost him his job. After three female students complain of his invasive assignments and another accuses him of sexual harassment, Weisberger loses his tenure bid. In response, he sues Colby for sexual harassment.


Middlebury College anthropologist David Stoll contends that Mayan activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú misrepresented her past. According to Stoll, the best-selling memoir I, Rigoberta Menchú recounts tales of personal hardship and injustice that Menchú couldn't have known firsthand. Stoll also questions Menchú's alliance with Guatemala's Marxist-Leninist guerrilla movement. Menchú defender and Guatemalan novelist Arturo Arias responds: "Stoll would not care one whit if all the Mayas died of hunger, or if they disappeared off the map."


Business school professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld resigns from Emory amid charges of petty vandalism, loses his appointment at Georgia Tech

A study in American Demographics shows that the more educated you are, the less sex you have

The October LF investigates the world of the big, buff, and brainy: academic bodybuilders

Stanley Fish and wife Jane Tompkins announce move from Duke to University of Illinois at Chicago

Princeton University Press buys the cover ad in Publisher's Weekly to promote its new fall titles

MLA Style Manual introduces guide to citing on-line sources

Shaw University names Evander Holyfield a trustee

Bob Jones University threatens to arrest a gay alumnus if he ever again sets foot on campus


Stanford holds first-ever U.S. academic conference on mumble master Bob Dylan's contribution to American culture

Eugene Genovese starts the Historical Society to challenge the "trendy" American Historical Association and Organization of American Historians

Self-described head chimpanzee of the House Newt Gingrich endorses proposal to create retirement sanctuaries for chimps who were used in medical research

E.O. Wilson, Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

Daniel Kevles, The Baltimore Case

After more than two years, University of Oklahoma Law School still unable to fill its chair named for Anita Hill

Princeton hires controversial ethicist and animal rights proponent Peter Singer

Caenorhabditis elegans, a worm species, becomes the first multicellular organism to have its DNA sequenced

NYU welcomes back Ken Starr as an adjunct professor of law


As president of the Modern Language Association, Princeton's Elaine Showalter ruffles feathers. She suggests that graduate students "learn to write well enough to get paid for it." She admits in Vogue, "I've been trying to make the life of the mind coexist with the day at the mall." And in Hystories, she diagnoses chronic fatigue, Gulf War syndrome, and alien abduction as modern forms of hysteria.


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