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Before there was the Nike ad there was the Edmund Morgan dictum: Stop telling me what other historians have said and tell me what you see. In Common-Place, scholar John Mack Faragher tells us how he learned to just do it...[more]

LFDaily Archive


LF's roundup of book reviews. See who said what about new titles of interest.

This week:
Donald Bogle's Primetime Blues: African Americans on Network Television

The BiblioFile Archive

Our Three Year Compendium!
For the first time ever, Lingua Franca publishes a three year collection of our exclusive and comprehensive listings of junior hirings.

Who Got Hired Where
At long last, the definitive guide is here! Look inside for Lingua Franca's complete listing of Tenurings, Hirings to Tenure and Junior Hirings from 2000-2001.

In September 2000, Lingua Franca celebrated ten years of covering the highs and lows of academic life. Take a look into the highlights from our archives:

The Best of Lingua Franca: ten of our favorite articles from our first ten years.

A few of the themes that defined the decade:

* Academic Computing
* Gender & Sexuality
* Labor & Tenure
* Theory and its Discontents
* Post Cold War Politics

More from our archives

The Lingua Franca Timeline: Our Guide to Academia's Past Decade.

* You Must Remember This...


The results of our reader poll!
"The best academic books of the nineties":

* The Winners
* Selected Reader Responses
* The Nominees

It Takes a Village Healer: Medical anthropologists suggest an unlikely remedy for Africa's staggering AIDS crisis. Can herbalists and diviner-mediums succeed where Western doctors have failed?


Hurricane Hugo: University of Chicago president Hugo Sonnenschein insisted on making the Great Books accountable to the bottom line. Was he a sellout or a savior?

Bouncing Off The Walls: Designing a concert hall is no mean feat. But does that make it a science? Acoustics is nothing so exact, say the skeptics.

Contract Sport: Picket line of scrimmage: Nobody doubts that college athletics are big business. Does that make football players university employees?

Invitation to a Beheading: Styron meets Genovese: In each chapter of Novel History, a historian tackles a historical novel, and the novelist has a chance to reply.

Hypotheses: Jim Holt on the virtues of self-delusion.

Breakthrough Books: Five scholars recommend the best recent books about Mortality.

Lingua Franca's listing of upcoming conferences and events

The Sokal Hoax: an anthology of responses from around the world to the sham that shook the academy.

Visit Bookworm, our new set of resources for academic readers and writers.

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Our monthly dissertation feature for Contentville brings to light the paper trail left by the good and the great, the famous and the infamous.

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