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The new edition of LF's acclaimed Real Guide to Grad School is here! Available in two volumes, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Real Guide maps out the intellectual issues and practical choices that await you in graduate school. For more information click here.

LF's roundup of book reviews. See who said what about new titles of interest. Check out the BiblioFile Archive

Read ten of our favorite articles from our first ten years.

Why the West?: Before Europe became a dominant force in the world, it was a small and peripheral backwater. Was its ascendancy well earned or a fluke? Historians square off.

The Fundamentalist Factor: Why does Islam produce so many viable fundamentalist movements?"

Banned in Benares: After making the case that Hindus have not always prohibited the eating of beef, a historian in India is denounced by the country's ruling party

Hypotheses: Jim Holt on the political uses of a mathematical axiom.

Breakthrough Books: Five scholars recommend the best recent books about the media.

more from this issue...

Dissertations Deconstructed: Arianne Chernock considers Elaine Showalter's 1970 dissertation and its cast of fiery 19th century lady novelists.


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